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Dog Agility Teacup Weave-a-Matic

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The teacup weave-a-matic is similar to the fixed weaves, but the shortened poles are flexible for slanting. This helps your little one learn even faster! This portable, versatile weave pole set is perfect for light backyard use. The poles can be used straight up and down, but because they are not glued into the sockets, the poles can also be slanted to allow for a training method sometimes called the "weave-a-matic" method. This is a training method in which you slant the poles and the dog runs down a path (see picture). You slowly (over days or weeks) bring the poles closer together until your dog masters the concept of weaving.

Pawduct Details

  • 24" UV stable poles are evenly spaced at a standard distance of 20"
  • Meets TDAA preferences
  • Free decorative tape for the poles
  • Easy assembly instructions and training tips included
  • Connector piece comes with each set of 6 Weave Poles so you can create a set of 12 Weave Poles.