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Dog Agility Pause Box

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This agility pause box is portable and great for practice and training!

Not nearly as common as the Pause Table, but occasionally used in some trials (such as UKC). It is a good obstacle for your dog to get used to just in case! It is the same concept as the table, except the dog has to go into the square, sit or lie down, without any part of his feet going out of the square! The same size square (48") is used for all size dogs. Of course the ones that have the most problems with it are the bigger dogs!

This is an excellent, yet inexpensive way to introduce the idea of "pausing" to your dog. 

Also makes a great portable substitute for a pause table when you're in a pinch.

Breaks down easily for storage/travel, and comes with free colored tape to decorate it, and detailed tips for training!