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Premium 100% Natural Elk Antler Chew - Large

This is a whole elk antler chew for dogs. All of our antlers come from Colorado, are naturally shed, and are 100% natural without any chemicals or additives. They are long-lasting, odorless, and will not leave a mess on your carpets or furniture, making the perfect chew toy. Dogs find them irresistible, and they are full of essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, and glucosamine. Our premium antlers are sure to keep your hard-chewing dog entertained for hours.

* Whole Elk Antlers are great for harder chewing dogs that already enjoy antler chews since the marrow is not exposed other than on the cut ends. These antlers are a bigger challenge for your pup and will last much longer. Whole elk antler chews vary in density depending on where they come from. Pieces closer to the base of the antler are very dense and pose a harder chewing challenge, whereas the pieces close to the end of the antler are softer and easier to chew.


Small  4"-5" (One piece per order) These are for Small and Petite sized dogs ranging in size from 5 – 20.

Medium 5"-7" These are for Medium sized dogs ranging in size from 20 – 50 pounds.

Large 8"-10" These are for Large dogs 50+ pounds.

** Always supervise your dog while they enjoy their antler chew. We encourage pet owners to take the time and choose the correct type, size, and density of antler for their dog. Additionally, once an antler becomes too small and might pose a choking hazard, discard and replace it with a fresh one.