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Dog Agility Channel Weave Set Of Six

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One of the newest and most popular methods of weave pole training is the channel method, in which two parallel rows of weave poles are put side by side, but offset in such a way that the dog has a center "channel" to run down. At first your dog is just getting a treat by running through to the other end, but by slowly inching the poles closer together, your dog will begin to weave without even realizing it!

Pawduct Details

  • 36" tall
  • Spaced 2" apart (The same distance between the poles is used for all size dogs)
  • 1" Thick
  • Poles rotate on their own fixture, allowing for infinite adjustments
  • Free decorative tape
  • Easy-to-use assembly instructions
  • Training tips
  • Extra pieces needed to connect two sets together included for no additional charge
  • Free shipping!