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Bowwowagility Agility In A Bag Set Option 2

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Improve your pup’s performance on and off the course with Agility in a Bag (option 2). Similar to option 1, this set includes many popular obstacles that fit inside a canvas travel bag. It’s great for agility beginners or experts on the go. Option 2 includes a longer tunnel, so your dog can learn perseverance and persistence, along with colorful vinyl tape to decorate. Take your practice to your backyard, living room, or on the go with this easy to set up portable performance playground. Your pooch will be top dog in no time!

Pawduct Details

  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • Indoor/outdoor use
    • Comes with red and blue vinyl tape
    • Sturdy zippered canvas carrying bag with pocket & shoulder strap
    • Training manual with agility tips
    • Includes five popular obstacles:
      • Standard weave pole set — free-standing base, 30" poles
      • Adjustable bar jump —displaceable top bar with fixed bottom bar for stability
      • Adjustable tire jump — 24” diameter
      • Tunnel — 9’ long, 22" diameter, made of rip-stop nylon, comes with tie down stakes
      • Pause box — substitute for pause table


    • Helps exercise your dog’s mind and body
    • Improves off-leash reliability
    • Builds a stronger bond between you and your pup
    • Solves behavioral problems
    • Improves overall communication with your dog
    • Helps your dog gain new skills
    • It’s so much fun!